Pugh, Pugh, Barney MacGrew…

… Cuthbert, Dibble, Charlie!

Amazing what you can find in a pub car park, isn’t it? Who’d have thought the Trumpton Fire Engine would still be an attractive proposition (and a means of financial extortion) for modern children?

But then, the old ones – Bill and Ben, Mr Benn, Captain Pugwash, Fingerbobs – are the best. You can hear interviews with their creators in this BBC radio programme – Trumpton Riots – I was inspired to dig out from my own archive in response to the above Madeleine moment (that’s Proustian, by the way, rather than Bagpuss-ian).

So, who was Captain Pugwash’s arch-enemy? Who lived in Festive Road? And what did Yoffy lift (if you’ll pardon the expression!) to enable a mouse, scampi and a whole menagerie of paper puppets to appear?

Listen on, and all will be revealed…


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