Money, money, money!

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One of the most frequent questions about giving up work to be a stay-at-home dad I keep getting asked is how we cope living on one salary. (Are stay-at-home mums asked the same question?)

My answer is always the same: a bit of belt-tightening here, taking care of the pennies and it’s surprising how many of life’s little paid-for luxuries you can not only do without but never even miss.

My ‘luxuries’ include being at home having a cuddle with my daughter (yes, even whilst writing this – smartphones are wonderful!) and actually, that’s not a luxury at all but a necessity) anyway…

Sorry about that. (Brief pause due to demand to play ‘pat-a-cake’ and ‘row-di-boat’ – another of the little luxuries of staying at home with the children.)

Anyway, apart from not drinking smart over-priced beverages and getting inordinate pleasure from simple things like playing pat-a-cake, what else can you do to save money? Being penny-wise won’t pay for everything and if you need a loan for larger items make sure that it is a sensible and affordable one.

Clydesdale Bank’s instant decision loan offers an APR representative of 5.1% on all loans between £7,500 and £15,000 (subject to conditions).


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