What does Christmas mean to you?

That’s what Becky at Baby Budgeting is asking. She’s actually set it as a meme (remember them?) and although she’s not tagged me, I thought I’d have a go. Becky’s asking for a paragraph, too, but I can ‘name that meme’ in one word.

It was a word oft in evidence last night at the recording of the BBC Lincolnshire Carol Service in Boston Stump. It’s a well-used word in choirs up and down the land from about mid-November. Last year, another choir I sing in (I know, I know –  choral whore) recorded a selection of items defined by this word for use in the indie film Shadows of a Stranger as early as September! I never get fed up of them. I’ve recorded CDs of them; I’ve bought plenty more. Can you guess what the word is yet?

Of course you can. And that – in a small but perfectly formed little nutshell – is what Christmas means to me. Carols.

Of course, carols (like dogs) aren’t just for Christmas. There are Advent carols (’tis the season for singing those at present), Easter carols, secular carols, sacred carols and mathematically-gifted Carols.

But it’s the Christmas variety that I like the best. And they – and everything they say and the memories they evoke and the sentiments they express – are what Christmas means to me.


7 thoughts on “What does Christmas mean to you?

  1. Beautiful! Now that is a proper choir – blending so wonderfully x

  2. Roseheather says:

    Christmas carols bring back memories of Coventry Cathedral at Christmas, where my father was a member of the choir for 25 years.Carols aren't just for listening to, they are to join in and sing your heart out!

  3. We didn't sound too bad last night if o come all ye faithful is anything to go by 🙂 i adore carols – forget presents: the music is the reason why i love Christmas so much. X

  4. Tim Atkinson says:

    Thanks Trish… that's Cantemus for you. Hear them in person next Saturday at Broad Street Methodist Church! What d'you think?

  5. Tim Atkinson says:

    Absolutely Rose, absolutely! Did your father get a long service medal from the cathedral?

  6. Tim Atkinson says:

    Apart from one slightly dodgy chord in the descant verse, not bad at all. Be interesting to hear what the Rutter sounds like!

  7. Rebecca S. says:

    "Yuletide carols, being sung by a choir, and folks dressed up like Eskimo…" Nothing better!

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