Frugal family fun

Of course, with the holidays upon us there’s fun to be had and that usually comes at a price. But it needn’t be expensive to be entertaining. If you’re in south Lincolnshire on the last Saturday of the month I defy you to find more fun for a fiver (that’s the the entire family!) than the Evergreens Miniature Railway at Stickney.

Here’s how much Charlie enjoyed it. At one point, having done a circuit on all the available trains I suggested we have a break and go to the cafe for an ice-cream. ‘Oh daddy, do we have to have an ice-cream? Can’t we stay on the trains?’ Words I’ll wager I’ll never hear again. Unless, of course, we go back here. Which we will…

And talking of frugal fun, you have to take a look at this thrifty little eBook from three of my favourite bloggers – Jen, Cass and Becky.

It’s packed full of fun and each week they list 5 indoor activites, 5 outdoor activities and 5 recipes you can make with your kids. There’s enough to keep everyone busy and happy for the whole six week holiday here and I guarantee it’ll be one of the best £4 you spend this summer – if only because it’ll save you spending a whole lot more. Here’s the link to the book on Amazon: where you can even take a peek inside, just to make sure it’s money well spent.


One thought on “Frugal family fun

  1. A child saying no to icecream?…must be good Tim! Thansk for featuring outr book x

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