Sunday Supplement

There’s been something of an Olympic theme this week following my invention of a new Olympic sport last Monday and Charlie carrying the Olympic Torch on Wednesday. As if that’s not enough, Innocent (official Olympic 2012 smoothie, if you please!) has been running a competition to come up with some fruity alternative games of their own in the run up to their fruit sports day in Regent’s Park later this month.

If any of that has inspired you to have a go you might be interested to hear that you can test your virtual sporting skills and compete in three Olympic challenges without leaving the comfort of your armchair. Duracell Bunny has gone sports mad and launched three great sporting games – diving, javelin and beach volleyball – on the Duracell UK Facebook page. There are some great prizes to be won and in addition I’m giving away one of these…

 – an exclusive Duracell Olympic survival kit (there are only 20 being produced) comprising towel, wristbands, water-bottle and an inflatable arm-chair! You can win yours by simply exercising your clicking finger (the ‘like’ button here) or by doing something a little more energetic and writing a comment in the box below.

Meanwhile (and again, on Facebook) Panasonic has just launched Flag Tags, which is a Facebook and mobile app allowing you ‘virtually’ to paint your own or your children’s faces using either a webcam or an uploaded photo. Once completed they’re inviting you to submit the resulting image to their gallery as a way of showing your support for Team GB (or any other country participating in the Olympics). And – yes – it’s competitive! After you submit there’s a leader board that pits country against country. And all without the mess of make-up!

After all that activity you’ll probably be wanting to wind down. And what better way than by listening to some relaxing music. Composer, pianist and mother Fiona Bennett has just released ‘A Country Suite’, an album of music inspired by her love of costume dramas such as ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ and ‘Cranford’ with each movement providing a musical snapshot of country life in that era. Fiona is a mummy blogger too with two sons, the youngest of whom – Zackary – having been diagnosed with high functioning autism.

Having put her music career on the back burner in order to help and support him Fiona is currently writing a book about her experiences and has found that her music has a calming and relaxing effect on Zachary, who requests it at bedtime to help him sleep. It’s a delightful disc and you can hear a sample on Soundcloud as well as buying the whole CD from Fiona’s own website.

Finally, I think if Charlie had to devise an Olympic sport of some sort it would undoubtedly involve Lego. Here he is having fun with his new Duplo farm set. Whatever game you’re playing, have a super Sunday….


11 thoughts on “Sunday Supplement

  1. Kylie Hodges says:

    I've entered because I feel sad that no one else has. However I do not want the inflatable chair, between the cat and the three year old it stands little chance of survival at Chez Hodges

  2. bramblejam says:

    Good Morning!Been following you on Twitter for a while, just found your blog (I'm a bit slow sometimes) and 'liked' your FB page.

  3. Having previously experienced the glory days of an inflatable chair and the sad, sorrowful emptiness post popage, I would love to win another to bring a little ray of sunshine back into our now very dull lives. 🙂

  4. Notmyyearoff says:

    I used to have one many moons ago so would love another!

  5. A comment.Sorry, couldn't resist.

  6. Tim Atkinson says:

    Well, I think that's very noble and kind of you Kylie… p'raps the cat would like the sweatbands?

  7. Tim Atkinson says:

    Thanks Bramblejam! Consider yourself well and truly 'entered'!

  8. Tim Atkinson says:

    Ah, someone who knows whereof they speak, KV. Your name's in the hat. And if you don't win, I'm sending you a puncture repair outfit.

  9. Tim Atkinson says:

    Keep your fingers (and anything else) crossed NMY!

  10. vision123 says:

    Pleease include me in you prize draw @phillipsbarrie

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