Britmums live

What a great first day it’s been. Can’t quite believe I’ve met the inspirational, the sensational Ruby Wax and all after earlier paying a visit (and a cheque) to my own favourite mental health charity, Young Minds.

It’s true what both they and Ruby say: mental health problems begin in the early teenage years and help at this stage is vital. That, after all, is the subject of my novel, Writing Therapy and I was delighted that Ruby accepted a copy as a gift when we were both at the Waterstones stand. Here are a few pics from the day… and what a day it’s been. And there’s more, much more to come tomorrow!

Presenting a cheque to Young Minds out of royalties from my book, Writing Therapy. 
Random, I know, but we’ve all seen the top. But I caught a glimpse of a surprisingly attractive bottom too!
The Waterstones stand at BritMums Live.
Tom Briggs taking copious (and cryptic) notes in one of the sessions… or maybe just doodling
A very famous, funny and fabulous front-person for the cause of mental health awareness. And Ruby Wax.
Mum’s gone to… win an award! Well done Trish, richly deserved
With two of my favourite bloggers, the lovely Amy (And 1 More Means Four… and 1 more) and the fabulous Karen (The Rubbish Diet) at the BiB awards

10 thoughts on “Britmums live

  1. Great pics. I'd have loved some more time for questions with Ruby. So much was touched on, and I personally hadn't realised that depression could start at such a young age.

  2. So lovely to see you again and share a beer or two! x

  3. Great pics and tempted by your book as sounds fabulous. Ruby Wax was lovely and was thrilled to get my book signed by her. Great event all round

  4. Oo look you've got both my books in your photo – such a shame you can't manage to meet everybody in such a short space of time, but I though Ruby was great too!

  5. Amanda says:

    I missed Ruby Wax (we had several mishaps on the journey in to London that delayed us unfortunately) would have loved to hear her talk. My husband is currently suffering from depression. It hit its worst point following my pregnancy last year, but looking back there were signs long before and he says he felt low when young in ways I cannot comprehend (my own depression was short lived and very much connected to health issues in my twenties) So I would have lived to hear Ruby's speech. I will certainly check out Young Minds x

  6. Tim Atkinson says:

    They were very small, Trish, to be fair. Must do it again soon with proper size glasses.

  7. Tim Atkinson says:

    Still available on Amazon, Kate, and a bargain on Kindle at just 99p! Absolutely agree about both Ruby and BML… fantastic time was had by all.

  8. Tim Atkinson says:

    Wasn't she just? Glad I managed a small plug for your books too Tania. We scribblers must stick together.

  9. Tim Atkinson says:

    That's a shame Amanda – she was very, very funny and yet very, very serious and profound at the same time. Which is some trick, if you can pull it off!Please do give YM a look – they need all the help they can get and I hope your husband learns to live with the Black Dog or else give him the slip asap.

  10. Tim Atkinson says:

    So true. Angel, so very true. She could've had the whole of Friday afternoon for me. I was struck by the reference to the age at which depression strikes having only hours before had a conversation about just that at the YM HQ, which proves Miss Wax knows what she's on about and is certainly up-to-date.

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