Do ya think I’m sexy?

Don’t answer that. But did you know that – if you’re a new mum – I might be your man?

I know, difficult (if not impossible) to believe. But bear with me. This is going somewhere. I promise.

You see, the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative (I’m not making this up) has found, in the cause of its long investigations, that men who change nappies, sign lullabies, rock babies and get up to do the night-feeds are the biggest turn on. Forget the six pack; the chiselled features and over-endowed, er… you- know-what, what women want (these women, anyway) is a hands on, nappy-changing, meal cooking, baby-bonding dad. And that’s not all. Apparently, all women (whether new mums or not) find the sight of a man in marigolds irresistible. (I know, I cant quite believe it either.)

In case you’re wondering where I got all this from, whether my cyber-surfing has been taking some dodgy turnings, let me put the record straight. I read it on The Alpha Parent blog. In fact, she even has a copy of the book (oh yes, there’s a book stuffed full of hot dads holding babies!) Porn for New Mothers to give away in celebration of her first year of blogging.

Now I’m probably not the best arbiter of female desire but I do wonder… me in my marigolds or Mr Clooney in Armani? No contest, surely.

Still, you can’t argue with science, can you?

My career as porn star starts here…


18 thoughts on “Do ya think I’m sexy?

  1. Hmmm I'm not convinced. Can I have the man holding the baby naked from the waist up with full ripped six pack on display (and the moon on a stick)? Ta muchly.

  2. Who are we to question research? Bring on the Marigolds.

  3. Potty Mummy says:

    I think Kelloggs Ville makes a valid point. Though I have to say, a man that's slightly frayed around the edges (not that I'm making any comment on you, obviously – rather my own home situation) and who takes his fair share of baby care duties rather than one who looks purty but never changes a nappy would win my vote every time…

  4. Rebecca S. says:

    I'm with Potty Mummy, and I've seen the book in question in the book store here. New mothers are rather desperate for help of any kind so yes, you helpful sorts (like my hubby) are certainly much preferred in a mate.

  5. Older Mum says:

    Brilliant!The Cambridge Womens Pornography Cooperative – love it – has the womens institute taken a new modern direction?

  6. As a gay daddy, I feel I have a valid opinion too. I definitely find a man who not just helps out, but genuinely loves children and wants to be a partner (and not just a babysitter) is extremely attractive. Maybe not sexy in the traditional sense, but definitely a keeper!And some single gay men find it attractive as well. And even have a name for it: "Stroller Meat"

  7. Good to know I'm one of the sexy ones. 😀

  8. I like my men manly but old fashioned chauvanists get the boot. He's got to be hands on with kids and the house, or its hands off!

  9. HonestMum says:

    Totally agree with this-my husband does all of the above and is gorgeous to boot-I'm a lucky lady!

  10. Tim Atkinson says:

    Of course, KV. Anything for you.

  11. Tim Atkinson says:

    I am wearing them even as I type, S.

  12. Tim Atkinson says:

    Oh, I'm very frayed, PM, as you know… and not just around the edges.

  13. Tim Atkinson says:

    I always knew my day would come, Rebecca… mind you, you'd have to be rather desperate in my case!

  14. Tim Atkinson says:

    Well, there was that calendar a few years ago OM wasn't there?

  15. Tim Atkinson says:

    Stroller meat, eh? Well well, what would the Daily Mail say?!

  16. Tim Atkinson says:

    Indeed Christopher, and that all those hours of housework aren't in vain.

  17. Tim Atkinson says:

    Hmmm, as long as your definition of 'manly' includes wearing a pinny WW (sorry, apron!)

  18. Tim Atkinson says:

    Well, you obviously are HM. And you know it, too. Which I think is very sweet.

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