The Box

It’s true what they say about kids and toys. Give ’em five minutes and they’ll be playing with the box. Although this box contained not toys but the new Britax Trifix Group 1 car seat, billed as the ‘safest and most beautifully engineered car seat from Britax yet’ and the first to feature ‘a revolutionary ISOFIX + installation system.’

For the record, the seat looks good and boasts ‘compete and unrivalled protection for your little one’
by combing three unique technologies including what is known as a V-tether, which acts as a third anchorage point and which absorbs frontal forces.

But the box, well…

The box is great.


4 thoughts on “The Box

  1. Funnily enough I talked about boxes today: your package looks much more exciting than mine. Were the small people very expensive or are you reviewing them??

  2. John C says:

    You really can't beat a good cardboard box, can you! Fantastic!

  3. Tim Atkinson says:

    You'd not believe how expensive they are to keep DG… and they're for keeps too!

  4. Tim Atkinson says:

    Who needs the contents, eh John?

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