Secrets will be revealed!

‘Secrets will be revealed’ they say. And they certainly are at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter. The newly-constructed J & K studios (coincidence, apparently!) at the Leavesden film complex include just about everything from the films, from the set of Hogwarts to the Hermione’s hair-clips.

Whether you’re a hardened Harry Potter fan or – like me – someone with no more than a passing interest in the books or whether – like Charlie – you’re so young you’ve barely even heard of the Potter phenomenon, there’ll be plenty to not only keep you interested, to satisfy you that the ticket price (£28 adults, £21 children or £83 for a family ticket) is money well spent and to have you ‘phoning friends to say you’ll be at least an hour later leaving the attraction than you’d planned, but – to use an entirely appropriate cliché – it will also leave you spell bound!

There’s simply nothing like it: sets, costumes, props, displays, special effects are all there in abundance. You can fly on Harry’s broomstick, chop the Weasley’s carrots or do their washing up (by magic, obviously!) as well as board the Knight Bus, walk down Privet Drive or window shop in Diagon Alley.

And yes, secrets are revealed. But what they are would be telling. Anyway, none could perhaps have been quite as big as that being revealed by this post. Because the thing is, I kept our visit last weekend from my Harry Potter-obsessed sister. Having been offered a couple of review tickets, my guest place had to go to Sarah’s mum who lives nearby and who put us up for the weekend.

Sorry, Nic – but never mind. Here’s a small taster. And it’s worth the money!


If you’d like to hear me discuss what I thought of the attraction (as well as reading about it) I was interviewed briefly on BBC Lincolnshire’s Drivetime programme this afternoon. You can listen to the feature (which includes an interview with actor Rupert Grint) here…

Key facts:

  • All tickets for the studio tours must be pre-booked at or through an approved supplier. No tickets will be available to buy at the attraction. 

  • Tours are pre-booked into 30 minute timeslots throughout the day to ensure a regulated flow of visitors and take around three hours. Audio guides are available and refreshments can be bought on site. 

  • The studios open at 10 a.m. and the last tour begins at 4 p.m. except at weekends and school holidays when last tour begins at 6 p.m. 

  • Watford Junction station is 20 minutes by train from London Euston and a free shuttle bus takes visitors to Leavesden. There is free parking on site for those travelling by car, and the studios are less than three miles from both the M1 and M25.


5 thoughts on “Secrets will be revealed!

  1. Tim Atkinson says:

    Be careful Brian – they'll be wanting to go!

  2. Tim Atkinson says:

    Thank you Trish. They know where I am…

  3. Tim Atkinson says:

    Might even be nearer for you to travel to Leavesden Rebecca! I can certainly recommend it.

  4. Tim Atkinson says:

    Take it from me, Steve. And as an erstwhile Yorkshireman I don't like to part with me brass unnecessarily!

  5. Tim Atkinson says:

    You would NR, you would – and there's something for everyone of all ages.

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