Let’s hear it for the Dads…

You’ve got to love CBeebies. I do. I know there’s Alex, but he improves with keeping. And there’s Waybaloo. The less said about that the better. But really, there’s lots to like and precious little to complain about.

But complain I did. I complained about a month ago about the links on the CBeebies Grown-ups blog. They linked to mums; they linked to grandmas. There were crafty links and bloggy links and useful links and entertaining links. But there were no dads links. It was as if they imagined their entire audience was female.

I politely pointed out that – as one of a growing number of stay-at-home dads – I’d appreciate the odd father-centred link. And then I forgot all about it.

So when an email came out-of-the-blue agreeing, apologising and inviting me to suggest some dads links I was both surprised and pleased. Oh, and I happily obliged. They’re up there now on the CBeebies Blog for all to see.

As is my guest post for them, kicking off a week celebrating all things ‘dad’ and highlighting resources for us fathers. There’ll be posts from Sid and Alex (both dads themselves) later in the week and the whole thing is going to culminate in a special ‘dads only version of the Friday ‘who’s watched most CBeebies’ quiz.

And being the stereotypical competitive alpha male that I am, I’m taking that last event very seriously indeed.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to put the telly on.

Only joking.

Or am I?


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