How to have a happy half-term

It’s half-term and I have plans. Plans to keep the kids busy, plans to keep us happy (the two things are as good as synonymous) and plans to keep you, dear readers, informed and (I hope) inspired. First we’ll be turning one of these…

into this…

Doesn’t look possible, does it? Well not only is it possible, it’s also a lot easier – and less mess – than the Blue Peter version. Not that I’m knocking that iconic bit of model making. Personally I could watch lovely Konnie Huq make Tracy Island all day…

But I digress.

Making Tracy Island will be coming up on Sunday, so stay tuned. Taking of Sunday, I’ll be live-blogging (otherwise known as tweeting) from the National Railway Museum (NRM) who have a host of special activities planned for half-term. Then early next week we’ll be trying to get creative in the kitchen – not to make a monster this time, but to make the greens less monstrous.

There’ll be a competition to win a state-of-the art Kodak printer. And finally, we’re paying a long-overdue visit to the Natural History Museum. I know, we get around a bit. But there you go, something for everyone. Oh and there might be some Scalectrix involved somewhere along the line but we haven’t heard back yet from the organisers. Plenty happening, then and – I hope – a few ideas to share. An while you’re waiting, why not have a go at this…


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