We’re all going on a…

… Summer Holiday. Ah, Cliff! Or the White Cliffs. Or the White Horse of Wiltshire. It doesn’t matter. Further to my last post about the depressing prospect of the long summer holidays being scrapped (and Christmas cancelled if they have their way, no doubt) I have today some tips for those of you planning on ‘getting away’. First, if you’re thinking of booking your summer getaway: here’s something you should know courtesy of Senor Flemenco…

Right, once booked you’ll need to make sure you’re holiday money goes further. In which case this might be of some help…

Finally, the journey. Motion sickness can be a real bore – but not for us anymore thanks to our Sea-Band Motion Sickness Relief Band. (I should have been in copywriting…) Seriously, we’ve been sent a couple to try out and a couple more pairs (one adult, one child size) to give away. All you have to do is… tell me where you’re going on your hols and why. And if you’re lucky, you might get there without the plaintive cry from the back seat of, ‘daaaaaaad, I feel sick’.


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