Saturday Review…

Some books are funny; some inadvertently; some intentionally. Seldom is a book so laugh-out-loud funny that you have to ask your other half – politely – if she would refrain from reading it in order that you can hear what’s on the telly. This is that book…

Reviews are often more about the reviewer than the object of the review. So I’m going to let Ben’s book speak for itself. Here’s what you’re missing if you don’t buy ‘Teething Pains’ by Ben Wakeling (available now on Amazon).

On weaning…
Are there any foods to avoid? Indeed there are. Vindaloo is one. And you’ll be the one clearing up the mess when it comes out at the other end…

As I write, some scientist bods have just recommended that a child should be weaned at four, not six months. Argh! Panic! Quick, get that nipple out of your baby’s mouth! (Not your nipple, obviously. Yours won’t work.)

On bonding…
I know this is a job usually reserved for women (he said it, missus!) but cooking with your child is a great way to bond. In this instnace, ‘cooking with your child’ mean alongside your child, not actually using him as an ingredient’.

On baby massage (specifically, a technique known as ‘milking’)…
Imagine you’re milking a cow or, if that’s too weird, pretend you’re squeezing the filling from a sausage. Mind you, that’s also pretty weird.

If you like your parenthood tips with a generous dose of humour buy this book. You’ll laugh and learn all at the same time and the only person crying (unlike that chap on the cover) will be Ben… all the way to the bank!


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