One small step for man…

I was the same age as Charlie is now when Neil Armstrong uttered those immortal words. I’m not sure I can remember seeing him take that first small step, but I can remember the excitement of subsequent Apollo moon landings. My parents often used to wake me up and bring me downstairs to watch either a man bobbing along on the lunar surface or else a spectacular splashdown some days later and I’m glad they did: those black-and-white memories are history – literally. And today, of course, with the return of Atlantis, another page of that particular book is closed. We sat and watched the launch a couple of weeks ago; we sat and watched the safe return this morning. And I hope Charlie remembers something.

Perhaps one day we’ll go to Florida (or California, or Washington) and see one of those amazing crafts ourselves. I vividly remember queueing half-way around Queen’s Gardens in Hull as a small boy with my dad for the privilege of filing respectfully past the tiny re-entry module that had safely brought one of the Apollo mission’s astronauts back to earth. Until then, we’ll have to make do with the YouTube clips. Here, in case you missed it, is this morning’s moment of history…


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