>Innocent? Oh no!


That face says it all, really. 

And so does the letter. So when Innocent decided Charlie would be their ‘O’ and asked us to find an imaginative place to stick it (if you’ll pardon the expression – it’s a fridge magnet) there wasn’t really much competition. ‘Oh’ is Charlie’s immediate response to almost anything involving mischief, mishaps or mistakes. ‘Oh’ is his answer to the ‘look what you’ve done’ question. ‘Oh’ is what he says if he’d really like to say ‘no’ but wants to let you down a bit more gently.

So, ladies and gentlemen. I give you Charlie – the ‘Innocent’ King of O!


16 thoughts on “>Innocent? Oh no!

  1. >Ah bless him, I love the way they look like butter wouldnt melt. We parents know differently though. Only this morning Youngling wanted to have Chocolate cake for breakfast! Of course I said no, then proceeded to have some myself 😉 Take care xx

  2. The Dotterel says:

    >Oh, we do Kate, we do… Amazing how almost all children manage the same expression isn't it? Must be genetic!

  3. The Dotterel says:

    >No… ohhhhhh! 😉

  4. Polly says:

    >ohhh is the word, I think Charlie is the perfect Oh candidate!

  5. The Dotterel says:

    >Me too Polly… but how did they know?!

  6. Steve says:

    >I like the complete surprise that "oh" suggests – true innocence. This is wrong? I had no idea! Oh!

  7. The Dotterel says:

    >Not forgetting… 'Oh, and I promise not to do it again!'

  8. Jennysmith says:

    >Wonderful! For a minute, I thought you were writing about those expensive smoothies. The ones that look pretty in their bottles or cartons but cost a bloody fortune! Lovely post x

  9. The Dotterel says:

    >I think they're the people that sent the magnets, Jenny. Oh, and the t-shirt. Not so innocent after all, you see!

  10. Nessa Roo says:

    >He's adorable! I imagine he says it a specific way, unique to him, indentifiable as Charlie's "oh." (It makes me wonder if it's rubbed off on the rest of the family at all. We often mimic my grandson with his amusing way of saying "MMmmmm…")

  11. >Oh, bless – Flea used to do exactly the same. These days she has worked out a new technique which is to immediately come into a room and say something like, "Sorry about the laundry, Mummy," which leaves me wondering what she's done!

  12. The Dotterel says:

    >He has his moments, Nessa. And – yes – it's become the easiest impersonation of him anyone ever does.That reminds me, Sally, of one of the funniest lines I ever heard as a teacher when two truants were returned to school. 'Ok, we were sagging,' they admitted, 'but it wasn't us that stole the horse.'

  13. lunarossa says:

    >Adorable. Can I adopt him please? I'm missing those "oh"s lately…It is more "mum can I can a car?" or "can I have a Jack Wills' top?". Ciao. A.

  14. >Eee, that's a lovely picture, and he looks like butter wouldn't melt…!!CJ xx

  15. The Dotterel says:

    >I know something about the latter, Lunarossa. My (elder) daughter seems to have developed something of a liking for Jack Wills. Personally, I thought it was a brand of cigarette!He practises that face, CJ… for hours.

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