>Sunday roast…

>There’s nothing quite like it, is there? Chicken, pork (with crispy crackling, of course), a lovely leg of lamb or a joint of beef slightly underdone. Ok, it’s a lot of work but it’s what Sunday’s are for surely? At least as far as the leisurely preparation and the equally leisurely consumption are concerned. It’s the washing up afterwards that spoils the job, but thanks to being invited to join the QuantuMatic jury recently, we’re doing our best to turn this…

into this…

Of course, the story starts like this…
And pretty soon develops into this…
Which then soon becomes this…

And which you want to transform as quickly as possible to this…

Well, as you can see, our dishwasher was stacked about as full as it could be. (Overloaded, as the dishwasher manufacturers might say!) Oh and in case you’re wondering if we put our clocks about three hours forward last night instead of one, I took these photos last Sunday. But? Well, the jury’s still out (so-to-speak). The QuantuMatic certainly cuts through the roast debris; everything came out sparkling clean. Whether it consistently cleans better than tablets is subject to ongoing investigation. In the meantime, though, I’ve set the little gadget another – informal – trial. As you can see, our philosophy of dishwasher is – everything goes in. Seriously, if it’s not dishwasher safe it doesn’t get used. And that includes glasses. I know you shouldn’t. But I do. And, yes, they end up like this:
But someone told me that the QuantuMatic – after several washes – starts mysteriously to restore them to their original crystal clarity. Well, we’ll see. As you can see, this is how they started. I’ll post another pic in a few washes time and see if it’s made any difference. 
Until then, enjoy your roast. If you’re having one. 

3 thoughts on “>Sunday roast…

  1. Polly says:

    >I have no idea what Quantumatic is, but I have to agree there really is nothing more lovely than a Sunday Roast. Do have to agree on the work though, to me tis the easiest meal to prepare – all bunged in the oven and forgotten about for a couple of hours, there is no more simple than that.

  2. joby says:

    >Great post! You must be coming close to the end of the 12 washes now. Verdict must be soon?! We are also putting it to the test: whether it's burnt on baked beans or putting that glint back in the glasses!We'll be posting again soon!

  3. The Dotterel says:

    >Click the link, Polly, and be amazed by a world of dishwasher detergent magnificence… And as for the roast, it used to be the only meal I ever cooked. How times change… Not sure about that Joby, but we'll certainly be finishing the first of the fillers sometime soon! So far, so good though; let me know when you post again.

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