>Sunday supplement

>First, something of immediate importance to all dads out there. (Look away for a minute, mums.) Right, chaps, are you listening? I’ll whisper in your ear… *it’s Mothers’ Day in two weeks time*. Now, don’t look away, breathe a sigh of relief and think ‘that’s ages’ because you know it isn’t, really. It certainly won’t be if you’d like to avail yourself of one of these excellent little products. In short, what could be better, more thoughtful or original than one of these…

Yes, a personalised reading book made up of your favourite photos and accompanied by a simple text for your child read along with mum. This really is one of the most amazing personalised product concepts I’ve come across. What mum wouldn’t enjoy being the star of her own bedtime story? The text is based on National Curriculum key words and can be personalised by completing the sentence stems like ‘My mum is…’ as well as by uploading favourite photos of your own to accompany the text. And if you’d like to give a Mother’s Day gift the whole family will treasure forever – as well as help your child catch the reading bug at the same time – you could win a free book by answering this simple question:

  •  How many photographs do you need to upload to create a love2read book?

For further information, to see the range of books on offer (and possibly discover the answer) visit their website at: www.love2read.co.uk then come back here and post your answer before midnight on Thursday 24th March. Charlie and I will choose a winner on Friday; that will give you the weekend to create your book, which will have to be ordered by 28th March to ensure delivery by 3 April, Mother’s Day. Good luck!

Next, jury service. No, not at the Crown Court. (I’m tempted to tell you that I’ve never had the summons but if I did it’d probably be tempting fate, so I won’t.) What I have been invited to deliver is a verdict on is the new QuantuMatic dishwasher detergent.

Over the next few weeks, together with eleven fellow jury members (including LunchBoxWorld, AllBabyAdvice, A Thrifty Mrs and JessicaCT) I’ll be testing the Finish QuantuMatic to destruction, starting today with the Sunday roast. And I’m warning you – there will be pictures. Before and after pictures. Finish is recommended by all dishwasher manufacturers and the QuantuMatic has just been awarded ‘Best Buy’ status by Which? magazine, so it starts with several Brownie points already. I’ll be letting you know if I’ll be awarding any over the coming weeks.

Finally, something I don’t think I’ve ever done before – a museum review. It was actually while getting lost on my way to the QuantuMatic briefing last Wednesday that I stumbled across this:

The Museum of the Order of St John is in the impressive setting of St John’s Gate, Clerkenwell. I’ve walked past this building before, but not appreciated it’s history. Still less have I realised what an interesting – free – museum lurks behind its mighty portals, nor what a fascinating history lies behind the Order of the Knights of St John (and their present day representatives, the St John Ambulance Brigade). Based in the Order’s pre-dissolution Priory, the museum charts the history of the order from its crusader origins to it’s role in providing care and protection to pilgrims and travellers. And for children, there’s a dressing up box too!

Need I say more? Well, I’m going to. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area; it’s family friendly, small enough to ensure you don’t miss anything and – if my visit was anything to go by – so little known you might find you have the entire museum to yourself. Although I suppose writing this might just have done a little to lessen the likelihood of that happening. Oh well, I’m sure they won’t mind too much. But you’d better get there quick!

Enjoy your Sunday.


20 thoughts on “>Sunday supplement

  1. >Those books look fab – I think it's 10 pics!@second_time_mum

  2. The Dotterel says:

    >Well, who knows STM… you might just be onto something there!

  3. Working Mum says:

    >I would also like to add for the dads reading ( and for the benefit of other mums like me who have given up chocolate for Lent) that Mothering Sunday is Refreshment Sunday when the church say you can legitimately break your Lenten fast, ie CHOCOLATE IS ALLOWED!!

  4. The Dotterel says:

    >Good point Carol… although I can also point out that all Sundays are technically 'Festivals of the Resurrection' and therefore don't count as part of Lent, which is why there are more than forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, for example. So, if you want it could be chocolate EVERY Sunday!

  5. Working Mum says:

    >Don't take this the wrong way but I LOVE YOU!

  6. The Dotterel says:

    >I won't Carol, I won't… A little religious knowledge goes a long way, doesn't it?

  7. doodlemum says:

    >I must admit I view Mother's Day with not much importance. I'll get some lovely drawings, cards and paintings and that means the world to me. I'll probably make an enormous cake though because I need very little excuse to bake cakes…so maybe I should approach it with a bit more of occasion.

  8. The Dotterel says:

    >Lovely drawings… cards… paintings… and an excuse for cake? Sounds like the perfect kind of celebration to me!

  9. Sarah says:

    >Mother's Day is in May in France. Doesn't feel right somehow. However, I'm going to send my mum some flowers by Sendabunch.com.

  10. The Dotterel says:

    >I can understand why it doesn't feel right, Sarah; what I can't understand is – as a religious feast – why it is different. It pre-dates the Reformation, after all…

  11. Sarah says:

    >I think it's only in the UK that it's Mothering Sunday with religious significance, everywhere else it's just another named day – Mother's Day which I suppose happens to be in May.I think in France, being a republic, they couldn't have any smack of religion in their celebration of mothers.

  12. The Dotterel says:

    >You must be right…

  13. >I have left your post open on the lap top for around an hour, hopefully the neccessary people will have seen it!

  14. The Dotterel says:

    >Well, I hope there were flashing lights and arrows, bells and whistles drawing their attention, just in case. Because, you know…

  15. ibc4 says:

    >I'm thinking it's 10 pics. 10. A Great number. Joe Royle was #ITFC's 10th professional manager.

  16. The Dotterel says:

    >Absolutely spot on, Ian… about ten being such a great number, that is!

  17. lunarossa says:

    >Mother's Day is in May in Italy too (I think it is in most Europena countries!). So my children tend to forget the one in England and just remember my birthday which is in May (10th May by the way) and that's better than nothing! How is the little Eloise btw? Ciao. A.

  18. The Dotterel says:

    >Well I suppose if they remember, Antonella, that's something. And she's fine, thanks! Just gone to bed, in fact. And I'll not be long after her!

  19. >Ten pics! What fab little books 🙂 @wendymcd83

  20. The Dotterel says:

    >And the winner is… ibc4, as randomly selected by Charlie. Congratulations, ibc – and thanks to everyone else for entering!

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